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Transformative Art Movement

A sacred energetic healing art practice and experience.

My art practice is about healing and transformation which for me was dealing with my “stuff”, aka trauma aka emotional baggage aka emotional debris.


I desperately wanted to feel better and discontinue the patterns that somehow made their way back to me every few years or so. A continuous loop and cycle of tormenting blocks keeping me stuck in muddy waters.

TAM was born to internally transform the energy of pain, confusion and depression into love, joy, peace, harmony and freedom. I needed somewhere for those energies to go so they didn’t live inside pulling me further into the darkness.

This sacred soul medicine gifted me alignment with my souls purpose, helped me heal, connect spiritually, release emotional blockages and recharge my soul becoming whole again.


I remembered my sacredness, the love that I am, the love that created me and the love I carry to spread to those who are hurting, lost and in turmoil emotionally and spiritually.

Sacred Soul Energy Medicine

TAM is a space for you to have a dialogue with your soul.


TAM is a creative emotional and spiritual exploration practice based on self-inquiry to visually capture your inner world.


Guided through a combination of soul led movements and inquiry practices that quiet the mind, you can hear your soul speak, heal energetically, emotionally and spiritually.

The Power Of Art


Communicating your emotions through dancing, painting, movement, colors, music, sound, and breathing makes room for them to be heard, felt, seen and loved.


This emotional exploratory art practice disrupts the patterns and releases stagnant and resistance energy.


With my guidance, you will learn how to express your emotions without interference or distractions to taint the creation process. You’ll have space to discover and learn more about who you are on a soul level. Express freely, openly and safely.
Through Transformative Art Movement you’ll be able to release your emotions through the art you make in a way that empowers you not overpowers you.


If this resonates please join me for this amazing transformative art journey. An artful experience to nurture your soul.


As you begin, you’ll tap into a part of yourself that belongs to no one else in the world. Create from your heart whatever you wish.

Nurture The Soul

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