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Sacred Soul Energy Medicine
Custom Paintings

May the art touch your heart and soul, offer healing and be a source of inspiration empowering you to follow your soul’s path.


My creation process and why I do what I do has evolved over the years but the one thing that remains constant and keeps me grounded is knowing that alignment with mind, body, heart and spirit, is essential to living a fulfilling life.


This sacred soul medicine gifted me alignment with my souls purpose, helped me heal, connect, release and recharge becoming whole again. I remembered my sacredness, the love that I am, the love that created me and the love I carry to spread to those who are in emotional pain.


I pour my heart and Soul into each creation with a higher purpose of being in service to the human spirit by activating healing within and spreading love, light and joy.

Pink Theme Bouquet

I paint what I feel not what I see. I’m simply the vessel painting people's emotional stories including my own. By releasing these thoughts, feelings and emotions through my hands and transmuting the energy to the canvas, I visually depict the voice of the voiceless setting them free.

IG post custom paintings - 2.PNG
IG post custom paintings - 1.PNG

I offer an experience, an inner awakening that changes something for the better internally. Stirring your soul and awakening your senses captivated by the energy of love that created each piece.


connect &

work together

I offer custom paintings to embody your soul's essence. 

An energetic healing art piece to connect spiritually, release emotional blockages and recharge the soul.

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